Dioram provides custom autonomous solutions to speed up and enhance robotics development

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We help vendors, OEMs and Robotics Startups to turn their manually driven products into intelligent machines
Dioram Mobile Robot "Eeyore" winter outdoors test. Powered by visual-inertial SLAM by Dioram. There's NO need for expensive lidars!
Dioram vision-inertial SLAM outdoors. No-GPS localization and city navigation for mobile robot.
Dioram products
Environmental 3D mapping

Localize your robot and capture a map of your environment using Dioram SLAM One. ROS compatible.
Spatial AI and Intellectual behavior

Recognize and track 3D objects or obstacles in real-time for navigation and manipulation. Making routes, avoiding collisions and effective behavior action planning.
Hardware prototypes

People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware. We're making our own robotics reference platform to show off capabilities of Dioram SLAM One without any lidars. Just vision cameras + IMU

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