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Dioram provides custom localization and mapping solutions for autonomous vehicles, industrial production, mobile robotics, Smart Cities and AR/VR

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We help robotics and AI companies, industrial solutions vendors and OEMs to enhance their precision of mapping and localization. The power of visual-inertial sensor fusion tech helps to get rid of expensive lidars, speed up development and reduce costs.
Dioram SLAM One 4 cameras 10 fps localisation and mapping at the city scale. We adapted Dioram SLAM One localisation and mapping to work at the city scale with extended and unusual sensor configuration.
Dioram Mobile Robot "Eeyore" winter outdoors test. Powered by visual-inertial SLAM by Dioram. There's NO need for expensive lidars!

Dioram vision-inertial SLAM outdoors. No-GPS localization and city navigation for mobile robot.
Dioram products
Navigation in a city without GPS/GNSS
Smart-city project — making Digital twins of megapolis road infrastructure for monitoring, evaluating and inventory

Dioram’s partner Digital Roads runs “Autodiscovery” service. It heavily relies on GPS/RTK localisation for a correct road infrastructure detection

There’re problems with GPS for a modern services:
• Precision is not enough
• Prone to spoofing
• RTK runs bad in a tunnels and downtown areas

Dioram adapts its core SLAM tech for the existing special camera setup on a car-based monitoring system. Uses 6 panoramic cameras setup 
with low FPS(10)+Inertial Sensor(IMU)
Target accuracy — 10 cm in a bad GPS conditions

Running “Autodiscovery” for the 1st time creates point cloud map of a megapolis
. In the following runs “Autodiscovery” vehicles relocalise in an existing map in real-time with 
10 cm accuracy WITHOUT GPS and expensive lidars
Robotics Spatial AI Platform
Dioram provides custom autonomous solutions to reduce costs, speed up and enhance robotics development

• Environmental 3D mapping without lidars
• Spatial AI and Intellectual behavior
• Hardware prototypes

Localize your robot and capture a map of your environment using Dioram SLAM One. Just vision cameras, no lidars are needed. Recognize and track 3D objects or obstacles in real-time for navigation and manipulation. Making routes, avoiding collisions and effective behavior action planning.

People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware.
We're making our own robotics reference platform to show off capabilities of Dioram SLAM One without any lidars. Just vision cameras + IMU.
Real-time mapping and location system(RTLSS+)
“Digital Twin” and Real-Time Locating system for industrial objects, construction and digging sites

There’s a need for prompt visualisation of industrial site's ever-changing surroundings as well as realtime positioning of machinery

Solving the problem with Dioram tech:
• There’re realtime updates of vehicle position with 10cm precision powered by Dioram SLAM One
• Every vehicle creates and updates a point cloud map and rough 3D-mesh of environment
• Works even without GPS, no need for complex UWB/beacon infrastructure

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